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TitlePhotographs of artwork: 'What We Take Away With Us: John Radcliffe's Travelling Case' by Ghislaine Peart
Description"The accounts of 1772 show a "small mahogany travelling case with two square cut glass bottles and stoppers and three ivory boxes." I began to think about how the things we take with us when we travel are a good indication of what is important to us. At that time the priory gardens were clearly important to John Radcliffe.

"He spared no expense in restocking, landscaping and bringing them into fashion (for example by building succession houses for growing pineapples) - the collection contains many detailed bills for seeds and plants. My travelling case is filled with samples from John Radcliffe's garden."

Inspired by DE/R/F702, D/ER/F210/8, D/ER/F210/5 and D/ER/F208/3
Extent2 digital items
View TreeCHALSTT/2/1/37/1
RelatedMaterialDE/R/F702, D/ER/F210/8, D/ER/F210/5 and D/ER/F208/3



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